Titanium Anodes in Chlor-alkali Production - A Practical Case Study


Titanium anodes are a crucial component in the chlor-alkali production process due to their robustness and excellent conductivity.



Background: A leading chlor-alkali manufacturer needed high-quality titanium anodes to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.


Solution: BaseTi provided customized titanium anodes designed to meet the stringent requirements of chlor-alkali production.


Implementation: Collaborative efforts were made to understand the precise needs, followed by the design, testing, and large-scale production of the titanium anodes.


Results: The custom titanium anodes significantly improved the efficiency and lowered the operational costs of the chlor-alkali production process.


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Conclusion: BaseTi's customized titanium anodes proved to be a vital solution for enhancing the chlor-alkali production process.


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