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BaseTi, a vanguard in the electroplating industry, is excited to announce its breakthrough in anode technology: the Titanium Substrate Dimensionally Stable Anode (DSA). This innovation is a game-changer, offering unprecedented advantages over traditional anodes in electroplating processes.


Electroplating anodes have historically been divided into soluble and insoluble types. While soluble anodes supplement metal ions and conduct electricity, insoluble anodes, like the early graphite and lead anodes, solely conduct electricity. Our Titanium Substrate DSA Anodes, a modern innovation since the 1970s, are a testament to technological evolution in electrolysis and electroplating.


The Titanium Substrate DSA Anodes fall under the category of insoluble anodes, which are further classified into chlorine-evolving and oxygen-evolving types. These anodes boast exceptional geometric stability and versatility in shape, maintaining their dimensions throughout their lifespan. This stability is a significant advancement over lead anodes, which change geometrically during the electroplating process, leading to uneven deposition and environmental concerns due to lead dissolution.



Our Titanium Substrate DSA Anodes offer several benefits:


  • Geometric stability
  • Diverse shape options
  • Stable electrochemical and chemical properties
  • High electrocatalytic activity
  • Low anode potential
  • Energy efficiency
  • Maintenance-free
  • Pollution-free
  • Long lifespan
  • High-quality cathode product



These anodes are essential in various electroplating applications, including zinc plating, metal extraction (nickel, cobalt, copper, zinc), copper foil production, PCB copper plating, and gravure printing cylinder plating. They are also crucial in trivalent chromium plating, balancing anodes in soluble anode tanks, metal recovery electrolysis tanks, and wastewater treatment.


Our titanium-based anodes, coated with precious metal oxides, have replaced lead anodes in numerous applications, significantly reducing environmental impact and energy consumption. These anodes have been pivotal in transitioning from graphite to titanium in the chlor-alkali industry, marking a "technological revolution" in electrochemical industries.


In summary, BaseTi's Titanium Substrate DSA Anodes are not just products; they are a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and efficiency in the electroplating industry. We invite you to contact us to discover how our advanced anode technology can revolutionize your electroplating processes.


"Embrace the Future of Electroplating with BaseTi's Titanium Substrate DSA Anodes. Contact us for more information and to explore customized solutions for your electroplating needs."



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