BaseTi Unveils Revolutionary Titanium Anodes at Dubai Water Treatment Expo


As the world convenes at the Dubai Water Treatment Expo, BaseTi, a leader in titanium manufacturing, proudly introduces its cutting-edge Titanium Anodes, revolutionizing the water treatment industry.

With a growing demand for efficient and eco-friendly water disinfection methods, BaseTi's Titanium Anodes, coated with advanced metal oxides like Iridium (IrO2) and Ruthenium (RuO2), are setting new standards. Our products are tailored for diverse applications, including water treatment plants, swimming pools, cooling water systems, and more, focusing on bacteria elimination and virus control.


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Our presence at the Dubai Water Treatment Expo marks a significant milestone. Here, we share insights into our innovative approaches and successful client stories. From enhancing water quality in swimming pools to optimizing performance in large-scale water treatment plants, BaseTi's Titanium Anodes have demonstrated unparalleled efficiency and durability.

Data and case studies presented at the expo highlight the robustness and adaptability of our products. Our commitment to sustainability and excellence in manufacturing is evident in every anode we produce. BaseTi's technology ensures not just clean water but a sustainable future for our planet.

For those seeking bespoke solutions, BaseTi offers custom-designed Titanium Anodes, meeting specific needs of our diverse clientele. Our team's expertise and dedication to quality shine through our products and services.

Join us at the Dubai Water Treatment Expo to witness firsthand the transformative power of BaseTi's Titanium Anodes. For more information and to explore our custom services, contact BaseTi – where innovation meets excellence in water treatment solutions.

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