Expanding Horizons: The Application Fields of Welded Titanium Tubes


Expanding Horizons: The Application Fields of Welded Titanium Tubes

Welded titanium tubes, renowned for their exceptional strength, lightweight, and corrosion resistance, are pivotal in numerous industrial applications. These tubes offer a perfect blend of durability and performance, making them suitable for environments where traditional materials fall short.

BaseTi leads the innovation in titanium welding technology, providing welded titanium tubes that serve a broad spectrum of industries. From aerospace engineering to process piping in chemical plants, our tubes are engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Key Application Fields

  • Aerospace: Hydraulic and fuel systems benefit from the lightweight and high strength of titanium tubes.
  • Chemical Processing: Offers resistance to corrosive substances, making it ideal for process piping and heat exchangers.
  • Power Generation: Used in cooling systems and condensers where corrosion resistance is essential.
  • Desalination Plants: Titanium's resistance to seawater corrosion makes it suitable for desalination processes.
  • Automotive: In high-performance vehicles, for exhaust systems and structural components.
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