What is the quality of the raw material titanium sponge you use?




Our titanium sponge originates from China and Mozambique, utilizing Ukrainian technological processes. The full production cycle of the titanium sponge encompasses "chloride refining + reduction distillation + magnesium electrolysis", with a closed-loop use of magnesium and chlorine during production. Through introduction, digestion, and enhancement, our molten salt chlorination technology and assembly line magnesium electrolysis technology have reached international advanced levels.


The quality of our titanium sponge is stable with low impurity elements such as nitrogen and oxygen. High-quality grades like 0A make up a significant portion, with Grade 0 and above products accounting for over 70% of our production. We are capable of mass-producing ultra-soft titanium sponge and small granule titanium sponge, which find applications across aerospace, aeronautics, nautical, chemical, light industry, metallurgy, construction, medical, and sports sectors.

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