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Main Market:North America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Worldwide
Business Type:Manufacturer,Distributor/Wholesaler,Importer
No. of Employees:200~250
Annual Sales:30,000,000-35,000,000 USD
Year Established:2008
Export p.c:70% - 80%
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In the heart of Baoji, China’s "Titanium City," lies BaseTi – a gem of innovation and dedication in the realm of titanium. Since our humble beginning in 2008, starting merely as a quintet of visionaries, we have blossomed into a formidable ensemble of diverse professionals, each playing their unique part in our symphony of titanium craftsmanship.


Our story is not just about growth, it's a testament to the power of commitment and technological advancement. BaseTi, where infinity begins, is a place where limits are continually pushed and transcended. Our factory, a technological marvel, equipped with cutting-edge machinery for precise cutting, forging, and milling, is a concrete manifestation of our relentless pursuit of excellence in the production of pure titanium and titanium alloys.


Our unique organizational structure is a testament to the harmony of our operations. Our Design Department, the innovative heartbeat of BaseTi, conceives groundbreaking solutions, while the Production Department transforms these concepts into reality. The meticulous eyes of our Finished Product Quality Control and Raw Material Inspection Departments ensure each product we craft meets our stringent standards, and our dynamic Sales Department brings our expertly crafted titanium to the world.


China Baseti International Trading Co., Ltd. company profile 0


China Baseti International Trading Co., Ltd. company profile 0


In 2008, nestled within the heart of China's "Titanium City"—Baoji, a new venture called BaseTi took its first breath. Born from the collective vision of three dedicated partners, Ben Xie, Robert Sean, and Jack Song, BaseTi began its journey to pioneer titanium and titanium alloy manufacturing.


As business expanded, two crucial pillars of quality and administration joined the team. Amber graced the quality control department, and Elena brought her expertise to the administrative sector. Their addition marked a significant transformation in BaseTi's operations and management, instilling a sense of order and standardization within the company's processes.


Year upon year, BaseTi broke through technological barriers and made substantial progress. The company mastered the complex art of titanium sponge melting and the subsequent forging and rolling processes. This was a significant milestone, positioning BaseTi at the forefront of the industry, capable of converting raw titanium sponge into high-quality products.


In 2017, a significant shift occurred. With the construction of a new plant in Baoji, BaseTi amplified its production capacity. This strategic expansion allowed the company to respond more effectively to the increasing demand for their products.


With increased production came the need for superior machinery. BaseTi brought in state-of-the-art forging equipment and rolling mills, elevating the production standards and propelling the company to new heights in the titanium material industry. BaseTi remains committed to contributing to the broader development of the titanium industry, a journey that truly exemplifies their slogan, "Where Infinity Begins".


In a rapidly evolving world, BaseTi stands as a paragon of adaptability and supply-chain prowess in the realm of titanium production. Established in the vibrant hub of China's Titanium City, BaseTi has grown to become a beacon of dependability and innovation. Our flexible approach to business, underscored by our commitment to no minimum order limits, combined with our substantial supply capabilities, guarantees that we are poised to respond to the diverse needs of our clients. Whether the requirement is large or small, standard or bespoke, BaseTi is the go-to source for your titanium needs.



  • High-quality raw materials: At BaseTi, we are deeply rooted in the heart of China's Titanium City, where the abundance of upstream and downstream titanium industries serves as our wellspring of high-quality raw materials. Our strategic location equips us with an unparalleled advantage in accessing premium titanium, enabling us to maintain consistent excellence in all our products.


  • Extensive experience in precision machining: Over the years, BaseTi has built up a wealth of experience in precision machining, adhering to various specifications such as AMS, ASTM, MIL-T, and ASME across a wide range of Western brands. Our technical expertise, honed through years of exporting to Western countries, has given us an unmatched proficiency in delivering precision-engineered titanium products that meet these stringent international standards.


  • No minimum order limit: At BaseTi, we celebrate the diversity of our customers' needs. We understand that each requirement is unique, and we have therefore set no minimum order limit. Our flexibility allows us to cater to all orders, regardless of size, ensuring our clients can count on us for their every need.


  • Large inventory: Our expansive inventory is one of the hallmarks of BaseTi. We keep a wide variety of titanium materials on hand, ensuring we can meet various scale demands promptly. With BaseTi, you can always expect a swift and reliable supply of titanium materials.

Our Team

At BaseTi, our strength is anchored in the precision, dedication, and expertise of our team. Located at the epicenter of the titanium industry, our ensemble of over 100 professionals consistently fuels BaseTi's commitment to manufacturing excellence and bespoke client service.


  • Raw Material Procurement Department: The foundation of our titanium products is the sponge titanium, primarily sourced from China's premier titanium ore regions. Leveraging the latest advancements in technology, we process this sponge titanium into high-grade titanium ingots, ensuring the impeccable quality right from the start.


  • Production Department: At the core of BaseTi's operations, our robust production team is well-versed in the intricate steps of titanium processing. The journey from raw sponge titanium to the finished product encompasses various sophisticated stages, requiring cutting-edge machinery and specialized skills. Our experts use state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that every piece produced aligns with our strict quality standards and meets client-specific requirements.​


  • Sales and Marketing Department: Our 10 professionals bridge BaseTi and its global clientele, ensuring a tailored solution for every requirement.


  • Adhering to top-tier guidelines such as AMS, ASTM, MIL-T, and ASME, we've honed a rigorous inspection process. Before any export from China, our products undergo a meticulous check, followed by wooden crate packaging to ensure safety during transit. Furthermore, we employ advantageous logistics solutions, tailored to reduce transportation costs for our clients. and support third-party inspections.


Choose BaseTi, and you're opting for a team and brand that isn't just about delivering a product but ensuring an experience of excellence at every touchpoint.

Titanium Grade

Since 2008, BaseTi has transformed from a start-up to a leading titanium manufacturer in Baoji.

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