Grade 5 Grade 9 Titanium Alloy Sheet Titanium In Aerospace Industry Marine Energy

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BaseTi
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Model Number: THB009
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Minimum Order Quantity: NO MOQ LIMITATION.
Packaging Details: External: wooden box packaging; Inside: an inner packing with protective foam;
Delivery Time: 12~20 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10,000 tons/month

Detail Information

Place of Origin China Brand Name BaseTi
Certification ISO9001:2015 Model Number THB009
Heat Treatment Options: Annealing, Normalizing Production Standards: ASTM B265, ASME SB-265, ISO 5832
Grade: Ti-6Al-4V, Ti-6Al-7Nb, Ti-3Al-2.5V, Grade 5, Grade 9 Hardness: Varies Depending On Grade
Melting Point: Typically Around 1,660°C (3,020°F) Density: 4.43–4.51 G/cm^3
Tolerance: Thickness: +/- 0.1mm; Width: +/- 0.5mm; Length: +/- 1.0mm Rolling Process: Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling
Surface Process: Polished, Sandblasted, Pickled Size: Thickness: 5-200mm; Width: 500-3000mm; Length: 1000-12000mm
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Grade 5 titanium alloy sheet


Grade 9 titanium alloy sheet


3000mm plate titanium in aerospace industry

Product Description

Grade 5, Grade 9 Alloy Titanium Plate Sheet For Petrochemical Industry For Aerospace Automotive Medical Marine Energy

Alloy Titanium Plate - OVERVIEW


 *If you have any requirements for customized titanium plate, we would be delighted to further discuss the technical specifications with you and provide a quotation.

 *Our production capacity is efficient, and our logistics channels are well-developed. We can deliver products via international express to any corner of the globe within 3 to 7 days.


Titanium plate specifications & parameters

 Product name

 Titanium plate sheet

 Application field

 Aerospace, Automotive, Shipbuilding, Defense, Structural Engineering

 Available size

 Thickness: 5-200mm; Width: 500-3000mm; Length: 1000-12000mm


 Ti-6Al-4V, Ti-6Al-7Nb, Ti-3Al-2.5V, Grade 5, Grade 9

 Production stadards

 ASTM B265, ASME SB-265, ISO 5832


 Thickness: +/- 0.1mm; Width: +/- 0.5mm; Length: +/- 1.0mm

Hot rolling, Cold rolling

 Rolling process

 Hot rolling, cold rolling

 Surface process

 Polished, Sandblasted, Pickled

 Delivery time


Key words


  • Titanium Alloy Plate
  • Aerospace Applications
  • Medical Implants
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • High Temperature
  • BaseTi
  • Mechanical Properties
  • ASTM Standards



Alloy Titanium Plate & Advantage

Titanium Alloy Plate: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Versatility Across Industries


Titanium alloy plates, produced by reputable brands like BaseTi, offer a range of groundbreaking solutions across a multitude of industries. From aerospace to medical fields, these plates exhibit unparalleled mechanical properties, making them the first choice for specialized applications.

  • Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, weight and strength are crucial factors. The tensile strength of titanium alloy plates, often exceeding 130,000 PSI, significantly reduces the overall weight of aircraft while maintaining structural integrity. For example, a Boeing 787 uses about 15 tons of titanium.

  • Medical Sector

In medical applications, titanium alloy plates are predominantly used in orthopedic implants and prostheses. With a Young's Modulus closer to that of human bone and excellent biocompatibility, they offer the ideal balance between strength and flexibility. BaseTi's products, compliant with ASTM F136 standards, are the gold standard for medical-grade titanium plates.

  • Energy Sector

Corrosion resistance, especially against seawater, makes titanium alloy plates indispensable in offshore drilling platforms and desalination plants. The corrosion rate is as low as 0.002 inches per year, thus ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Automotive Industry

In high-performance vehicles, titanium alloy plates are used for their excellent strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to high temperatures. It can withstand temperatures up to 800°F, making it a superior alternative to traditional steel.

  • Chemical Processing

The excellent resistance to acid and alkali solutions makes these plates ideal for chemical reactors and heat exchangers. It can withstand a variety of harsh chemicals, including hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid.


Titanium alloy plates offer solutions that are not only high-performing but also cost-effective in the long run. Companies like BaseTi continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with this incredible material.




Grade 5 Grade 9 Titanium Alloy Sheet Titanium In Aerospace Industry Marine Energy 0

Alloy Titanium Plate of Pysical Properties
Grade ASTM Standard Tensile Strength (psi) Yield Strength (psi) Elongation (%) Hardness (HV) Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) Density (g/cm³)
Ti6Al4V (Grade 5) ASTM B265, ISO 5832 130,000 – 150,000 120,000 10 - 15 330-370 6.7 4.43
Ti3Al2.5V (Grade 9) ASTM B265, ISO 5832 90,000 – 120,000 70,000 15 - 20 300-340 7.2 4.48
Commercially Pure (Gr 2) ASTM B265, ISO 5832 50,000 – 80,000 40,000 20 - 25 150-220 21.9 4.51


This tabulation incorporates several crucial parameters including tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness, thermal conductivity, and density, providing a 360-degree view of the material properties under various grades and standards such as ASTM B265 and ISO 5832. At BaseTi, we adhere to these international standards, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality Titanium Alloy Composite Thick Plates.

Grade 5 titanium alloy sheet
Grade 9 titanium alloy sheet
3000mm plate titanium in aerospace industry

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